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1982 Honda GL500 Won't start/Bump-Start!

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Hi, i was recommended this forum from yahoo anwsers after they all failed to help with my problem :(

I purchased a Honda GL500 interstate 4 days ago that had previously sat for about a year. The bike started up fine, put new fuel in it and took off! The bike started on its own about 4 times, then out on the road on a pit stop I had to bump start it a few times to get it home. I figured maybe the carbs were just dirty when pulling close to a gas station the Bike died as if it had no gas, unfortunately it had plenty. Ever since then the bike wouldn't start manual or Bump-start (no the killswitch isn't on...) I've done ALOT of maintenance on the bike trying to find the problem and still no luck...

So Far I've done:

Soaked the Carbs in Carb dib for 30 minutes after removing all plastic and cleaned them throughly
Changed the spark plugs & checked for a spark (they both spark)
Tried to blow any fuel out of the cylinders (none came out)
Replaced the battery
Checked all fuses (all systems go)
Put silicon on a crack in the intake boot
Flushed the tank and put more fresh gas in
Cleaned the air filter
Cleaned the fuel filter
RE pulled the carbs and checked the jet pilots for debris - still clean

I've still made no progress in getting my new bike to run! I had my friend jump start it with his car and it sounded really groggy at low RPMS but when revved it sounded fine, but since then i've tried to jump it again and it wouldn't even jump..

The bike won't bump start anymore either, when bump-started it sounds like the engine is on but when throttled nothing happens...

I've called all the local bike shops and so far they have all told me to do the maintenance that was i've already preformed and they're booked for the week so I cannot bring the bike to them..

Please, if anyone has any knowledge of what may be wrong or What I might be doing wrong its more then appreciated

Thanks - Nick
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Have you checked the dog bone fuse witch is located behind the battery on the starter relay. sometimes they get a little funky where they screw on.worth a look.hope this helps.
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FYI, he's referring to a Honda Silverwing, not sure if it has the same setup as the Goldwings.

Might want to move this to the General forum.
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Is the fuel turned on?
Are the plugs fouled?
Double check that the kill switch is in the on position, and that the contacts in it are good.
Is it in neutral?
Are you sure fuel is getting to the cylinders?
Have you tried starting fluid?
Have you tried pouring a little fuel right into the intake?

Check the resistance in the spark plug caps. should be around 4.7 ohm...definitely less than 5.
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I find a lot of help for my Silverwing on these forums:

Maybe they have an answer to your problem. Let us know when you figure it out. Might help someone else down the road.
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