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1983 Aspencade GL1100 Engine Gasket

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Finally started putting together my GL1100 engine,
2 things, anyone know is there anything I need to be aware of or is it just a bolt back together the way it came apart .
2nd thing, I ordered a gasket kit , There is no engine block gasket ( put the 2 half's together) and Me not really knowing what I 'm doing, Seems there may not be a gasket for the block and I may only have to apply a seal of some sort,
Anyone know if there is a block gasket if so , I really could use a part number and if not anyone know what kind of sealer I need to use ?

Thank You !
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No block gasket. Sealant only. I don't remember the name to use, I think it is a Loctite tube, use very sparingly.
I would use a product like locktite flange sealant.


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Locktite 510 Gasket Eliminator and Flange sealant
Thank you so much guy's,
Yes Amsimp, I saw that service manual as well, That's where I got the idea about no gasket..
Wow that stuff is expensive per volume ..
LOL better be good ...
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