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1983 GL1100 wiring issue

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So I am the new guy on the block here!!:claps:

I traded a baja bv250 for a 1983 gl1100 standard that I know going into was going to be a project. Biggest problem I am having right now is that the PO literally cut all the electrical except for the headlight. He installed two lights upfront that are bright but honestly I could do without. Biggest problem I am having is that he hot wired his starter button to a simple push button and now that has finally failed. I bought new turn signals also that are compatible with my bike so I am going to install those tomorrow. I just honestly need to be able to start the bike. To turn it off I have to literally shut the key to the off position. Can anyone give me advice? Again ALL the wires to the starter button on the handle bar were cut and hooked up to this jimmy rigged push button. This is the first project I am doing next is reconnecting the radiator so that I dont have to flip a switch that is on the side to turn on the fan. Stupid PO I so want to kick him in his @$$.
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welcome to the forum, don. sounds like you got your work cut out for you. we love pics. if the fan works, it's probly a bad thermal switch, or the hack wiring job. also sounds like you need a new right hand switch assembly. how about po's maint? how old are the timing belts? if you don't know, change them. does it run? if it's been sitting awhile, remove the spark plugs and try turning by hand.
I changed all the plugs and timing belt. The po did not give any maintnence records so I went through everything and cleaned. Main part is the hack wiring job.
Get a wiring diagram, then remove all the things like the trunk, bags, false tank, then do a rewire. Get a few spools of #16, 14 ans 12, set on a rack, use pliers, stripper, knife, back tape, and heat shrink along with a soldering gun and solder. Refrain from push in plugs as much as possible. Then with each component start from the beginning at the component and wire to where it goes, a connector, a fuse anywhere. Run all wires in a neat loose pile loosly tied together with a Ty Rap, do everything, then test out everything, when you are sure everything is correct start to finalize and snug up and heat shrink solder joints. You may want to wrap with ty raps or loom. Take your time, be careful and diligent and verify all joints, connections as you go.

This is no small feat, it will take time and patience but will pay off in the end and stop nuisance break downs. Good luck!
Check eBay and the bike breakers for a wiring harness. While you may not use all of it, the parts that the PO hacked badly will be easier to replace and will connect more easily to the other parts of the wiring.

I am not a big fan of splicing wires when one piece will do the job. Splices are just another point of failure.

It's been a while since I did anything with the wiring on my '80 1100 but I seem to recall that there are several sub-harness' plus the main harness. The headlight or fairing harness is one. The rear light harness is another.

You will still need a schematic to determine where everything connects. Some connectors are unique to one circuit. Others are duplicated with the only difference being the wire color.

It's just like eating an elephant. One bite (wire) at a time.
so I ordered a brand new harness for it. I am waiting for it to come in the mail from IA so this should be awhile. I found out the harness he had was a harley. Thank you guys for the responses. I am really shying away from splicing and cutting up the factory wires cause I want this bike to last and I dont feel like cutting wires is going to help. I know that I am going to have to do that when hooking up the rear blinkers but that is really going to be the only splicing. I have to put all the grounds together and i dont have a factory taillight so this should be good. I will keep everyone posted.
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