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1986 GL1200 SEi Parts--------Complete Bike parted out

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I'm parting out a complete 1986 GL1200 SEi---------motor is crap, and every plastic piece has a different color paint.

Let me know. 708.717.2275.

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TJ859 wrote:
I'm looking for a radio volume control unit the one I have has volume and tone knobs on it and is located on the fairing by your leftknee do you have one and how for it if you do?Thanks.
Sorry brother but it doesn't have that. This is an SEi with CB instead of the autovol stuff on the left. Good luck on the search.
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Folks, Got to get rid of this stuff.

I threw a bunch of 1200 stuff on fleabay...

And I'll throw more on over the next few days.


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Oregonwinger wrote:
Did you get my Pm, or the question above about trunk light? bob
Sorry, I had answered on pm, but it doesn't show up in my 'sent' folder.:?Guess it didn't go through.

Got plans to use the rear light assembly on my 1200 moneypit, but I'll have the one I'm taking offthat one for sale though. Not sure which wiring you'd need besides what you probably already have?
$40 including shipping alright for just the light assembly? Let me know. Thank you.
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I don't have an interior trunk light. I was referring to the brakelight/turnsignal trunk assembly. Thanks
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Sold some stuff, and here'sjust some of the remaining stuff, still got lots more though:

Front fairing: $75

rightside cover(over gastank, needs body work and missing tabs): $40

leftside cover(over battery, needs body work and missing tabs): $40

radiator: $10

left head: 25

right head: 25

fusebox: 20

leftside handlebar control: 75

rightside handlebar control withcomplete cruise control assembly to carbs: 175

left saddlebag light: 15

right saddlebag light: 15

trunk taillight assembly: 50

main wire harness: 40

front fairing harness: 20

am/fm cassette radio assembly(with bracket, wiring and amp):150

forks: 75

rear shocks: 50

left engine crashbar: 25

saddlebag crashbars(complete including the middle 'U' and mounting clamps): 50

highway boards: 75

heel/toe shifter board assembly including brake pedal(complete, both sides): 200

frame with title: 175 or best offer
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Giving myself a bump. Sorry folks.
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From Pittsburgh?

Call me. 708.717.2275
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Front windshield is in good shape. It's the wrap-around-the-mirror kind. $60 including shipping.


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Easypin wrote:
What kind of shape is the fairing in? Got any pics? I'm also interested in the dash board. I've got a 1984 1200I.
The Interstate has a different gauge assembly, but the dash cover might be the same, maybe if you ask on the tech section about that.

The front fairing is solid, has a few cracks on back(where the rider's knees would be). PM me your email address and I'll send you some pics. $75 if picked up in Burbank, IL or$105 total if you want it shipped. Thanks.
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Chipman wrote:
...When you say missing tabs; is this the same thing that's wrong with mine... the parts that plug into the main frame are broken off? If so, then I can't use it.

Would youknow how to fix them? I can't find an epoxy that seems to work more than a few hours. Any help appreciated.

Just to be clear, I'm looking for the right cover that goes covers the brake fluid, back shocks air hole for inflation, and some big metal tank like thing that could be the gas tank.:bowing:

I'm also looking for a Left Saddle bag cover
andan oddball cover, I don't know what it's called that goes between the handle bars and the right accessory box. It's a little flap that goes over the big hole down into the fork area and sits on a little bit of frame that's exposed. It's attached on the left side of the accessory box, not the handlebars or steering column.

And, the plastic on the left fron fairing that would, I think, hold the air compressor, if it had one. I need both the plastic rectangular cover, and the part that is the bottom most plastic piece near the riders knees. Perhaps pictures would be better, if you have any of those pieces.

Is there a better way to describe this stuff?
Yep that's what's wrong with these sidecovers too...ABS cement for the tabs. Yeah the plumbing ABS stuff. Use a toothpick on the sidecover where the tabs should be and use that to build up the ABS cement in layers allowing time to dry in between layers. Then sand down to form new tabs.
Got the rightside rubber gap filler (flap). $5
If you're looking for the leftside fairing glove compartment. $10 . (I don't havethe leather pouch cover, so you'll need to get that off fleabay (Saber))...If you need the front leftside part of the fairing (where the autovolume stuff or CB would be, most guys just use a flat piece of sheetmetal to cover up the hole and paint it to match.
The 2 bottom fairing pieces are sold.

Let me knowon PM if you want anything andwe'll hammer out the shipping details there.Thanks
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coachk64 wrote:
IraquiRam, do you have the speaker control toggle? Is the boot still in one piece? If so, I would be interested in that.

I would also be interested if you still havea workingstarter for it.

Please let me know, thanks.
hey coach,

not sure where the speaker control toggle would be? So I'm not sure if there was one on this bike.
Starter works good, $50 including shipping.
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Giving myself a bump.

Most of the bike is gone, still have the exhaust and some odds and ends.

$125 on the exhaust, this is the turndown style and includes both headers. Let me know.
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oldishwinger wrote:

do you still have the cb unit?

Sorry, it's sold, all I got left from the cb are just the wires. But trucknchuck on this forum has a complete unit for sale. Thanks

Right winger wrote:
What kind of shape is the exhaust in ? Rust ,roadrash, Ect

Exhaust is solid, has some surface rust of course, but can be wiped off. The leftside cover has battery acid stains on it in the common area. The headers probably have a bit of roadrash on the bottom. If the header rash isan issue for you, I can dig out some pristine headers instead of the rash for an extra $50. Thanks
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Broke Winger wrote:
How much for the complete trunk lights and all? I ask because I've been kicking around the idea of putting a 1200 trunk on my 1100.
hey T,

Sorry but the trunk is long gone.
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