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1988 Carb rebuild question

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I've owned an 88 wing for two years now, 51K on the odometer. It has the infamous off idle hesitation so I decided to pull the carbs and rebuild them. The numerous posts for this problem have my head spinning so am going with a 158 primary and 60 secondary (only 50 and 60 in the kit), 2 turns out for the pilot screw (removed the stop on the float bowl to facilitate adjustment). I've done a complete cleaning and my question is should I use any kind of gasket sealer on the float bowl O ring and if so what is recommended? Seems like there was some kind of "goo" on it before.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Happy Fathers Day to you all.

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If you use anything to hold the oring in place. I recommend Vasoline. It de-solves in gas and heat.
The #60 pilot is the main thing for the hesitation cure. Pilot screws are right at 2 turns out. When you go back together, make sure your accelerator pump works.
Check sync on carbs. I recommend replacing fuel filter AND fuel when cleaning/rebuilding carbs.
No sealer is used on carb gaskets, if there was sealer used previously it was an amateur job and I hope you are using new.

These cycles are pushing 25 yrs of age and it is not unheard of for the bowl gasket to weep fuel.

My favorite is when someone recommends RTV.:ROFL:
I have removed stock NEVER touched before carbs on bikes. From the manufacturer they have some type of sealer on them. It acts like silicone.(Honda and Suzuki) NOT all but some.
If you do many older carbs, some of those orings just don't want to stay in the groove. You have to buy a whole gasket kit just to replace them. Kinda pricey for just one oring.
I try not to use anything...but there is always some that just wants to be stubborn.
I just fixed mine today a 1989 gl1500,#55 jets, new bowl o-rings,accelerator pump tube with o-rings,and the o-ring where accelerator mounts.two turns on pilot screws. I used all honda parts. two test rides and its running great.

Thanks for the help. Assembled everything with new gaskets/O rings (no "goop"), jets, float needle/seat and reset float level. Hope to have it in the bike and running this weekend. I did find a bad O ring on the accelerator pump tube so I hope that was the source of the gas smell.
Ive seen that tube o-ring leak before,so i just replaced mine to be safe.
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