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1988 GL1500 engine won't idle

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Hello All,
I need your help trouble shooting an issue that just started. I was riding the other day, when all of a sudden when I pull in the clutch the engine dies. I can only get it to stay running by engaging the clutch about 2/3 of the way. Once idling it is not a smooth idle. Once the bike gets moving she will run fine until the clutch is engaged then she dies unless you engage the choke again. It was a hot day (90 degrees and 70% humidity). I am not familiar with the Goldwing so I am looking for your help to solve my problem.
Thanks for you time and help. I look forward to riding my Goldwing once she gets running right again.
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Hi Allen. I would look for vacuum leaks first. Cracked or perished vacuum hoses can cause all kinds of idle issues.
Sounds like possibly an issue involving the neutral safety switch at the clutch. There are two switches there. The first click you hear when lever is pulled in is the cruise cancel switch the second one closest to the grip is the neutral safety. I'd start there.
I have dumped sea foam in and tried running the engine. It revs up to 2000 then drops to 500 then up to 2000 then back down. I think when it revs up it is going up to what the throttle is set at as I can turn it a small amount away from increasing power and then the engine dies.
There is a vacuum line that has a history of what you describe as Andy said. It is located under the carbs and kind of tough to get at. If you search the site you should find a thread or two.

Edit: I did the search for you and here's a link.

Here's some pictures that I got from that thread Thanks to deep sea diver. I don't know how to get the pictures bigger but you will see them in the thread by the link. Oh wait, you have to click them. :)


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Okay, so I am not too afraid to take wrench in hand and take stuff apart. That being
said I, do not typically enjoy engine work. But I like riding my GL1500 so I decided I
would take a look for a leaky vacuum line as it seemed to explain a lot of my issues.
So I start by starting the bike. She acts the same as before. Does not want to idle
without being choked. I shut it off and start taking off the plastic to get to the
carburetors. I noticed the metal line running on the seat side of the breather box has
a tee with nothing connected to it. Also the other end is not connected to anything
either. I figured I must have disconnected it. However I do remember that the tee
was never hooked to anything. I take the breather box off and was about to remove
the carburetor. When I decided I would see if the bike was running different or if I
could hear anything different with the engine. She starts right up and idles just fine.
Okay so I admit I am stumped. So I put her back together and check it again after
the breather box is on. Still idling good. I have the breather box completely back on
and still idles fine.
Does anybody have any ideas what just happened? I like to believe in magic ,but
can I trust the bike? What are your thoughts?
Thanks for the help
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Weird :) Might a stuck slide cause that symptom and bumping things around dislodged it? I'm not sure that would be the case. Stuck open slide would cause rich not lean mixtures, wouldn't it? Turn on choke should make worse???
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