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plumit wrote:
Im looking at the forum How-to, how tight do you make the lock nut? And putting that harness back together with out lengthening it looks impossible.

Dave Moncey

The harness can be loosened from its mounts on the frame and there's about a foot of slack in there if you work at it... I'd suppose that leaving the harness fastened to the bike requires some other approach.

The "Lock nut" (castellated nut between the bearing's nut and the tripple tree top) shouldn't be tight at all. Generally 1/2 to 1 thread above the bearing's nut -- just enough to engage the locking ring -- this nut will be jammed inplace when the tree-top is torqued on (chrome hex nut - 72ft-lbs - typical).

For reference -- I kinda follow Mike Nixon's approach (as 'borrowed' from Honda Service Letter #126) Here's a good link - - and this approach will allow you to validate bearing preloading prior to installing the tree-top so you can affect changes without a lot of re-work.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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