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On my 1999 I could feel a rough spot at the straight ahead position as I moved the handlebars from side to side with the wheel off the ground. If you feel that I think you will have to replace bearings and races. I went with All Balls bearing kit from Cyclemax.

I found when I torqued to the service manual it was way to loose. I had to go back in and tighten a bit more.The best way I found was just to move the front wheel back and forth with the tips of your fingers(on the wheel)and get it so it will move easy but not too easy. When you push it from side to side you want it to continue to move after a gentle push but not too loose that it moves to the end of travel and hits the stop.

That worked for me. I did have to tighten a bit more after a season of riding. I have not touched them now for 3 years and have no problems.

Hope that helps you .


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