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I've reduced this from $2,500 to $1500. It's located in Northampton, MA 01062
PM me please! My history below. One of you guys will want this!

I bought this back in 2011. I've put 15,000 miles on it. Selling because I bought a newer model.

I recently rebuilt the carb but it needs some adjustment. Other than that it is a smooth ride. Needs some TLC.
I have not ridden it very much for a few years so some things may need attention.
Comes with the front brake covers, new timing belts (that should be installed even though the manual says servicing not needed), rear dress light bar, assorted brake and engine seals. Needs shifter seal replacement but comes with a new one. Has spare final drive but nothing is wrong with the one on the bike. Loads of luggage space. You can do your grocery shopping with it and have room left over.

Front wheel covers come with it as does a rear light bar.
Photos on Craig's List

If not there PM me and I'll hook you up with the photos.
This text is what's on CL.
Plenty of rubber and no imbalance in the tires.
Run flat on the rear. Front stabilizer.

Has trailer hitch, ready to go.

This is a fun bike to customize and it rides very smoothly. Some TLC should keep this running for years.

Here is my history with it:
1989 Goldwing service

2011 - 111,000 + miles Purchased $3500
1. Replaced rear spring shock
2. added front fork brace
3. Removed rear light bars and skirt
4. added trunk interior lighting
5. added halogen light on handlebar to illuminate rider area
6. new speakers in front
7. added audio in's and outs to radio
8. added led lights to radio

6/1/12 -
1. Leds in dash, running lights in front
2. 2 new headlights

6/30/12 - 116,782 miles
1. New front tire - BT45 rear
2. New valve
3. Dynabeads installed
4. New Front brake pads - ebb copper - right side only
5. installed used rotor front left
6. New front wheel bearings and seals
7. Needs left front pads, has sheared mounting bolt to antidote - works ok

7/12/12 - 116,905 miles
1. Replace rear tire with Dunlop Winter Sport runflat
2. New valve
3. Dynabeads installed
4. pull final drive, grease drive shaft both ends
5. tapered right shock mount bolt for easy reinsertion
6. replace rear rotor with a used rotor in good shape from 90 or later bike
7. replaced rear pads (EBC copper), clean pistons in caliper to reset
8. replace caliper bracket with bracket from '90 or newer for larger rotor
9. grease wheel spline
10. drain and replace final drive oil

1. inspected & passed

7/16/12 117,000 miles
1. Motor oil changed to Mobil High Mileage Synthetic, new filter

Notes - 7/15/12
1. Handling greatly improved with new tires and Dynabeads
2. much quieter ride
3. Braking improved


Left To Do:
1. Timing belts - ordered 7/14/12 - received.
2. redo radio lights, replace caps, add outboard amp?
3. fix light bar on trunk - LEDS? - new magnetic switches purchased
4. stainless brake lines
5. fix front L caliper and pads
6. fix trunk lighting
7. coolant change

As is. No warranty expressed or implied.
More photos on Craigslist
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