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1993 GL1500 Aspy 1980 GL1100 STD
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Check for power at the coils.
Coils are under the shelter, PGs are at the front crank sprocket.
There are two coils and two PGs so not likely you would lose all spark from either of those, only half.
More likely a power or ground problem or a bad ECU.
There are two PG's but three coils, the PG's on a 1500 do not directly initiate spark like on the four cylinder 'Wings, but instead act as crank position sensors like a fuel injected engine. The ECU then triggers the three coils based on crank position.

If either PG fails, the ECU cannot determine crank position and will not fire any of the ignition coils. No start.

I doubt you have 12.7 volts on the battery while cranking, that would be closer to battery static voltage. More likely low 11-ish or high 10-is volts while cranking the starter. The common problem with the 1500's is if cranking voltage falls below mid 10-ish volts, the ECU doesn't work and it won't fire the sparkplugs.

Often they will start if you just hit the starter button in short bursts. If the voltage is too low while cranking, when you release the starter button the voltage rebounds somewhat, now enough for the ECU to work, it starts firing plugs while the engine is still spinning from momentum.

But if you just hold the start button down in long bursts, battery voltage gets gradually lower and the ECU will not fire the plugs.

With a good fresh charge in the battery, try this and report back. If no luck, need to measure the PG's resistance and check voltage at the ECU while cranking the starter. We can provide more details if needed.
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