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1991 1500A serial numbers

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Good Morning, Happy Father's Day tomorrow to all you dads!Hey I just got my Clymer Manual and the first thing I want to do is verify the year of my bike.The engine serial number is: SC22E 2206338 which tells me that it is a 1990 motor and it could be a 49-state or a California.The frame serial number is: SC2208MA300688 which, disregarding the extra digit (the first 8) is the correct number for a 1991 49-state 1500A.Actually, it looks like the 1990 and 1991 models are the same as the Clymer manual leads you through troubleshooting the fuel system, but can someone please tell me if I'm interpreting this information correctly?Thanks!hoganJr
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engine SN, frame SN

Good Morning everyone! thanks for sticking with me on this adventure!
My Goldwing is a 1991A, according to the VIN, the Title and the frame SN. The engine gas a 1990 SN. So, in my Clymer Manual, which I just got this weekend, do I track the vacuum tubes on the 1990 schematic drawing? There are a few differences. If I read it correctly there is no Shot Air Solenoid Valve on a '91. The 1990 does have one. The Shot Air Solenoid Valve is missing on my Goldwing, although the two yellow tubes and the electrical connector are apparently in place. I have not been "thrown through the windshield" though upon deceleration or experienced anything that indicates a problem like that.
I've got the carbs off and I'm mulling over a decision on whether I rebuild them myself or have someone else rebuild them. In the meantime I have begun to test all the hoses to see if I find one that is leaking.
I'm kinda stuck, though, on whether to use the 1990 schematic or the 1991 schematic.
Also, can someone identify the component pictured below? The roundish thing with the small hose coming out of the top that lies between the manifold openings?

Thank You



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IMO all bikes would have a shot air valve and is the device white in color upper left of picture. Air injection is also called the PAIR system for Pulse AIR injection, confusing huh.

The device in the middle of picture is AICV control valve. Not all engines had pulse air system, look at top of cylinder heads and if you have chrome? half inch pipes going out towards spark plug area you have the pulse air or AICV system.

I wouldn't put too much faith in your engine being from a different bike. It is most likely OEM and would use the diagram from the frame year.
This may shed a little more light on what information your looking for...

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