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2015 GL 1800 Blows left speaker upon Starting

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Replaced blown Show Chrome 13-106 Left Front speaker with the same speaker. Just turning the key to the on but not starting the motor shows the new speaker was working. As soon as the bike was started the speaker made a quick buzzing sound and stopped working.

PRIOR to replacing the speaker, when the bike was started the Left Front speaker would make a buzzing sound for a few seconds and then go silent while the rest of the system worked as expected.

Speaker connections to the speakers in front were and are secure.
Any thoughts on what could cause this.

2015 GL 1800
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Has anyone connected some extra equipment to the wrong wire? , - something which is activated when alternator is running . It could also be that your alternator is defekt so it puts AC power in the wire loom , but that would be WERY seldom and should affekt more than one speaker .
Only time i had a speaker do that in any of my vehicles the amp was bad and needed repair.
It was sending DC to speaker and held the cone down and tried to fry the speaker. It smelled bad and can't remember if i caught it in time before speaker blew. I don't remember getting a replacement so i think i got lucky.

I have never heard of a Wing amp going bad in a 2012-2017.
If it buzzed it would not be straight DC but still could be amp overloading speaker.
Not sure if it has a regulated or unregulated amp in the Wings.
Apparently it puts out more when the voltage goes up and then overloaded the speaker.

Did water get into the amp box or somewhere in the other wiring?
Water spilled in the top box is not good.

Only other things that i can think of is the MUTE and the OUTPUT to either the headphones or speakers. Not sure how that could affect only one speaker.

@Techdude2000 will probably have a good explanation or how to track the problem down.
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