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I copied this off of Facebook, and therefore, it is Public Domain:

Lewis Preston

2 hrs · Knoxville

2018 Goldwing First Impressions

1. DCT. Worth every penny. The bikes shifts faster than I ever will. The only 'learning curve' is working with the bike on it's downshifts. There is a forward lurch. Just takes some getting used to. If you have ever driven a car with a Tiptronic, it's that smooth.

2. Ride modes. I've had 3 opportunities to use the "RAIN" mode. It lowers the RPM shift points, makes the throttle less responsive and softens brake response. Brilliant engineering. I've ridden 2 bikes in my life that made me squeal like a little girl; The Aprilia Tuono V4 and the 18 Goldwing in Sport mode. It's like an entirely different motorcycle. It's like pouring Red Bull in the tank....all she wants to do is go and go hard. Sport mode in a parking lot makes the bike rude and not fun. Switch it off for peak happiness. My 2 passes on Deals Gap today were as confidence inspiring on any motorcycle as I have ever had....especially on new rubber.

3. Fuel neck. The ID is smaller than the older GL18. Hard as hell to see down the tube to see where you are in the fill process. I overfilled it today. The first fill up the auto off kicked did not today.

4. Wind protection. Honda spent a ton of time in a wind tunnel. Everybody griping about it being skinny....go ride it. It works.

5. Windscreen. The screen goes back to full down when you power off. The screen will return to the last position when you power back on and put it in gear. Not thrilled with the optics of the stock shield. I'll be looking for a replacement. Hey Paul Gomez....let me know when National has something.

6. Parking brake. You can start to ride with it engaged. Don't ask how I know.

7. Helmet lock. Still on the fence about this design. My button is not confidence instilling. I think it might need an adjustment. Or a replacement. I'll work on that this week.

8. Audio system. Since I'm an Android guy, I don't get the benefit of Apple Car Play. However, my Slacker streams just fine and I can skip songs if I wish using bar controls. That is assuming you have an upgraded Slacker account and are able to do so. Have not checked operations with Pandora. I don't have a Bluetooth headset yet (it's enroute) so I can't use voice commands or take/make calls. When someone calls, and the ringer times out, my phone stops streaming and goes into AM radio. One push of the button and we are back in Bluetooth. Not sure if the glitch is in the bike or my phone.

9. LED Headlight. It's not as bright as my 2006 with 2012 blacked out housings and the Electrical Connection LED bulbs. Not sure how to address this yet.

10. Fit and finish. Other than the typical soft paint, I'm happy with both. The paint is deep and without orange peel. I can foresee Ceramic coating once it cures a bit more.

11. Reverse. On my 2006, if the amps were low, you could rev up the engine and get it moving faster. Not so on this new bike. Walking mode is a neat idea. Keep in mind the bike does not totally stop once you release the button. It will creep in whatever direction gravity is pulling to.

12. Front suspension. It just works. It's wild to watch the arms that link the handlebars to the top triple tree move up/down and fore/aft.

13. Brakes. According the Honda rep, Brembo is now the caliper supplier. Bike stops super well.

14. Seat. The aftermarket seat suppliers are gonna clean up. 2 hours and I had 2 hard pressure points.

15. Heated seat /heated grips / ECM. The grips will work without the seat being plugged in. Again, ask me how I know.

16. Side covers. They take a little getting used to in removal. But not bad overall.
17. Accessory terminal. Honda upped the fuse rating from 5 to 10 amps. Kudos Honda.

18. CanBus. Yep. It is. I am still going over schematics to fully realize what all is happening here. I'll do another post to cover what I uncover.

19.. Rear tire. Holy mother of fat ones. Not gonna be cheap to replace. But you can feel it in hard riding. Again, well done Honda.

20. Accessory installation. This is where Honda failed. You have to strip EVERYTHING off this bike to even think about installing anything. Honda no longer includes install instructions with your parts. You have to go to their website and download or print out.

21. AM/FM antenna. Now hidden under the dash.

I have a few other nit picks but we will produce parts to address those...
so I don't want to disclose as I know my competition hangs out here.
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