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Just returned from a road trip a buddy and I took. He rode his Kaw ZRX 1200 and I the Blackbird. This was a scenic trip that took us into OR, CA, NV, AZ, CO and NM. TONS of incredible scenery and interesting roads. My longest day was when we parted company at Kingman, AZ at 5:30am and I rode 900+ miles arriving home around 9pm that evening.

A few thoughts and stats:

Travelled 2950 miles
Departed on a Thurs, Returned following Thurs
Moving average 60 mph
Moving time 49:05
MPG ranged from 33 to 46 (buddy's ZRX about 10% better on average)
Max speed 98 mph (musta been passing someone)
Highest elevation observed 11,084' (really zaps the horsepower)
Highest temp observed 101 degrees (mid-upper 90s much of the time)
Mechanical issues Zero
Saw countless other motorcycles, and 95% were Harleys
8 of 10 other riders waved a friendly "howdy"
99% of cars/trucks were courteous and gave us lots of space
Killed approximately 1,432,512 bugs
Found the Beaded Seat cover to be helpful in the heat
Found the evaporative cooling vest to be priceless in the heat...wore
it under armoured mesh riding jacket.
Could NOT have ridden the 900 mile day home without highway pegs as they allowed me to easily lift the weight/pressure off my tired
old behind frequently.
The most beautiful country was in Utah and Colorado
Able to make good safe time generally riding about 5 mph above posted
speeds...we had no interest in attracting police attention. We often
rode below the speed limit as we were in no hurry.
Took very few photos...very inconvenient to use a camera in this mode
of travel.

This was a wonderful trip and I brought home many fond memories. We've already begun thinking of where we'll go next year!
Learn to use a camera correctly, ride with left hand, cruise on, and snap pics with camera in right hand! WHILE pulling a 800lb trailer or more! LOL

Well I meant that as a joke and was going to make comments, but stupid new forum and thumbs for pictures does not let comments be posted in between pictures as well as not showing a decent picture in the post!


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Who in their right mind rides 900 + miles in upper 90's ..hmmmmmm? Thats just craaaazzzzyyy!!!
Many of us do!
I have ridden 800+ in 100F+ a couple times, and 800+ in 100+ then hard rains to drowned a frog, then sticky muggy 100+ again same day about 2pm!

Worst was about 120F heading to SC. and about 800 mile ride. Only reason I stopped then was I got to a friends house where I spent a couple days, otherwise I would have rode the full 900+ to where I was actually going for 2 weeks.

900 in 90's is nothing, it's only 1-2 hours that really bothers you, then your used to it or dead! :ROFL:
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