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The way you are describibg the concern may call for you to check the mechanical advancer. I my days of wrenching on the Wings sometimes the advancer would be gummed up and not return to properly. Remove the ignition plate and then remove the advancer. Remove the lobe cam and clean &polish the inner lobe surface as well as the advance shaft. Relube the fitting surface with a film of light oil such as sewing machine oil. Also check the advancer springs are not weak or worn as they may not cause the weights to be pulled back in properly.

Another thing to look at is the carb slides themselves. These slides had a habit of hanging up in the slide cap and not returning to full closed state. Polish the slide and caps with a very fine crocus cloth and then clean completely any debris from polish. Sometimes the spring in the slide was weak and needed a little stretching to give it more "push" to close the slide and needle. Sometimes I found that the spring was not even in there as someone forgot to reinstall after they had the cards apart. Whoops!

One last thing you can do is remove the throtthe cable off the carb and rev the engine without the cables to verify the cable linkage is not the problem. If with the cable remove and it is still hanging then you must look for binding in the linkage. Many times the concern with the linkage is with a nut that is too tight causeing the linkage to bind.

Good luck with you quest and keep us updated as you proceed. Your concern may be one or all of the above but only do one thing at a time and test to verify if corrected or if concern still exists.

Mark Gaeth

Decatur, IN
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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