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OK, so I've had my scooter out of storage for a few weeks now and it's been running great! Even in this lovely Portland, OR weather. If you don't ride wet, you don't ride..

Anywho, Monday morning, I get about 10 miles from the house and it loses power, almost like the gas was shut off.. I noticed my odometer was at 144 miles which is usually when I switch to reserve. I pulled it over, fought with it for a while, no joy.. Momma brought me a gallon of fresh gas.. Got it to start back up and nursed it about 5 or six miles closer to home before I had to leave it.

Got it home, cleaned the plugs, fresh gas, everything.. Even put a new battery in it cause that old one was getting tired.

Runs great..

Get on it this morning for the first ride since Monday.. It dies at the exact same place.. I even coasted to a stop within 3 feet of where I ended up Monday..

Wouldn't fire at all for at least two minutes.. Turned the petcock, turned off my headlight, hit the started, fired up.. Ran real rough decided to head back for home (Groundhog day??). Got about a mile up the street and it started running fine..

Turn around, head back for work. About 10 miles down the road, starts all over again.. Got to the side of the road, messed with it a bit.. Finally got it running where I could get back into traffic. In less than 3 miles, power was gone, I mean gone (This happens on all previous occasions as well). I pull off an exit early, nurse it down some roads.. Finally hit a little hill, no power, had to pull it over.. Backed it up onto a sidewalk, played with the light switch, petcock, etc.. Put it on center stand because I figured it's done.. Ready to break out my tools and see what the plugs were up to..

Hit the started and it fired up.. Off I went..

Made it to work.. Now I have a 26 mile ride home this afternoon and I'm pretty sure it's going to happen again..

Some have suggested fuel issues.. For some reason, I keep thinking coil issues, dunno why... Could the coils be heatin up or on thier last legs??

BTW, it was 40 degrees this morning which is the norm for my riding conditions this time of year so it's not like it's a heat wave or anything..

Any help (Well, besides "Only make 10 mile trips) would be greatly appreciated.

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