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Welcome to the forum mikula! :waving:

My starter did something similar a couple of months ago. It started right up in the morning when I went to work and ran greatthe35 milesto work, showing a good charge. When I got to work I parked it by the shop door and made a 5 minuteadjustment to my highway pegs, then went to start it and move it to where I normally park it. I hit the starter and I heard a "click" and that was it! I got a couple of very low groans out of it on a couple of tries. I made some voltage checks and couldn't find any obvious problems. I tried jumping straight from the battery to the starter and still no joy. I ended up push starting it (not easy to do on a dirt parking lot) and parked it where I usually do. When I tried to start it 13 hours later at the end of the day, I was hoping the starter was just hot and had cooled down, but I still had the same problem. Push started it again and rode home. Charging system looked good thew whole way.

The next morning I tried again with the same results. I measured voltage across the starter relay and only showed a 1 volt drop,which should be good. I tried jumping direct to the starter again from another freshly charged battery but still no joy. So like you I pulled the starter (I had rebuilt it about a year ago and put new brushes in) and bench tested it. The starter spun right up! I opened it up anyway expecting to find a broken brush or excessive dirt and dust inside. I was surprised at how clean it still was. Brushes looked good and there was hardly any dust at all. I disassembled the starter and cleaned it anyway with electrical contact cleaner and compressed air, put it back together and bench tested it again. As expected it spun right up!

The only sign of corrosion I found on the whole system was a tiny bit on cable lug on the starter itself. I cleaned it up with a wire brush, cleaned the cable end with some sandpaper and put the starter back in the bike. I hit the button and she turned over like new! I tried it several more times with the kill switch on kill and it spun the motor just fine. Still working fine to this day and I ride it almost every day!

So in conclusion to this long drawn out story, I suggest you pull the starter, open it up and clean it with electrical contact cleaner. You can get some good spray cleaner at Radio Shack or an auto parts store. You may want to put new brushes in while you're in there, they are only about $15.00. Clean all the connections and try it again.

If you do a search at the top of the page on "starter" there is a ton of info. I even posted some pics and info of when I did mine last year.

Let us know the results!

Bob :11grey:

Another thought is;

Do a voltage checkon both sides ofthe starter relay. The voltage should not drop more than about a voltwhile you push the start button.If it does the problem may in the relay.
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