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DigbyODell wrote:
I just joined this site after searching for some answers... Looks like a great site:clapper:

I have a few questions, FYI, this is my first touring bike, all previous have been sport bikes..

First question. My GW needs front calipers, I went to the local bike shop and they want $350 per caliper:shock:then he told me it would be alot cheaper to rebuild them...How big of a PIA is this? I have rebuilt car calipers before, so is it the same basic princible only smaller?

Second (and prolly pretty stupid) whats the differances between the touring bikes (Goldwing, Aspencade,Interstate)

Thanx in advance for yalls help:waving:
1. Have an 82 myself and got a price like that for the rear one. guess a rebuild is the way to go.
2. What he said.:gunhead:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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