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82 GL1100 Aspencade Starter Refresh

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Hi Everyone,

I just completed a “refresh” of a really sluggish starter on my 82 Aspencade. It was sluggish at times (more times then not) and would sound like the battery was going dead. It would draw so much current that I lost my radio presets a few times. My battery is in good shape and seems to test fine on a stress test.

I had a golden opportunity to do this refresh as I was doing other work to the bike and the exhaust was off. I was staring right at it. It’s done and WOW! What a difference!! Not a hard job, no money involved for me, just my time. Here’s what I did.

First thing to note is that the bike was on the center stand. Some people say yes to this and others say no. My recommendation would be to have the bike on the center stand. This can be done with the exhaust system on but I am glad mine was off. I don’t think there would have been an issue with it on, just a bit more wrangling to get your hands in there.

VERY IMPORTANTRemove the battery from your bike or at the very least disconnect the positive (RED) lead from the battery and TAPE it back so it can’t spring back to the battery post. No one wants a lead acid battery exploding in their face from a dead short! Safety comes first.

Here we go…

Remove the power cable that goes to the starter. VERY IMPORTANT - Make sure you use a thin end wrench to back up the lug when removing the nut from the positive lead. Ifthat bolt starts to turn it may sever the conection internaly and the starter may have to be replaced.

Remove the two bolts that mount the starter to the engine. Pull back the freed starter while wiggling it. When it is free from the engine, tilt it out and up until the starter shaft clears the engine and remove the starter. You may have to push down on the gear shift to gain a bit more room.


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I have an 84 Aspencade that I need to replace the stater. My Clymer manual say's I need to remove the engine to replace the starter. I see in your photo's you didnt. Is the 83 different than the 84? Can I do this with out engine removal and what steps should I take to not lose the chain and gear?

Thank you in advance for any replies,
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Tim thank you and Awesome, great write up. I was getting ready to pull the engine. I just purchased the bike. I went to run to the store and the stater would not stop. I had to pull the ground cable. I was to late and the starter burned up. Ever hear of this happening?
Again Thank you
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1) Get rid of the solenoid ASAP. Don't use it again. It's located right by your battery to the right. If you can't source one from Honda then one for a Ford Truck available from Napa or Car Quest will work fine and have been used quite successfully around the forum. I use a modified one myself. QUALITY rewiring will be needed as you will have to add some fuses. Not complicated but quality work needed.

Any write ups on this? I need some help here.
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