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83 GL1100a stereo/cb wiring.

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To everyone who has been answering my questions, THANK YOU!!

Next topic: I completely removed all components and wiring for my stereo, connected everything on a table encircling my bike, and with the help of an electrical engineer friend, found the one blown fuse that was the problem.

I am now fixing my trunk and saddlebag cracking issues as well.

The next issue: I have been piecing together the cb components and radio components and realize that I need the cable to plug the radio/clock into. I believe it is either double male or double female. I have found most of my parts on eBay (people parting out their bikes after an accident), but this one cable I haven't found. It's only about 8 - 10 inches long, but without it, no display. Any ideas??
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what kind of radio you talking about? I might be able to help you if I knew what kind we are talking about. Clarion l clarion ll or some other kind.
I am trying to post a picture of the radio to my profile.
From everything I've read, I believe it's a type II. I did post a picture in my profile.
All the '82 & '83 Aspencades came with Clarion II's. I have attached a couple of pictures of my Interstate. The radios were the same.


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