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83 wiring harness

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Well i did a stupid thing i fried the rectifier regulator on my harness . So will an other years wiring from a Interstate work on an 83I or can i go this route some thing i found on evil bay or does anyone have one for sale
Honda Goldwing GL1100 Voltage Regulator Rectifier Wiring Harness Repair Kit | eBay
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Nothing but an 83 will work. Just cut out the bad part and solder in new wires, same thing you would be doing with that kit except for having the connector which is no big deal.
Throw up a picture of what you need.
Ok hes what i fried its going to need the connector cut out as it melted that


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I've studied your picture for ten minutes and still can't figure out what that connector feeds. Your post says rectifier/regulator, but that connector is far too small. I can see we're looking straight down into the frame. I see the air box has been removed. I see the throttle cables, but after that I'm lost.
How many wires are in the connector, and what are the color codes. If that's all you have to replace, it should be a simple fix.
That is the diode for the starting system, clutch switch diode (silicon rectifier by Honda's terminology).
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