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84 gl1200 trike needs muffler

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Hello I have a 84 gl1200i with a voyager trike kit on it. I have original muffler but doesn't fit on my bike with the kit on.

I had bought some used ones from a 2007 goldwing that worked for a little but now there is a big whole in it. maybe nickle sized.

I read you can use harley mufflers on these 1200's with a little fabrication. I was wanting to know if i need to look for old stock mufflers or these slip ons?
Little low on cash and was really curious about these harley mufflers.

If anyone has used something like this could you let me know what kind i might need to look for?

Thank you very much!!
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There are always lots of those Harley mufflers on ebay, and they are always cheap too!
I used a set of HD muffs on my 1100 which should be close in fitment as your 1200 . I am thinking you have a problem of interference on your Voyager kit ?
Anyhow the mufflers I used were HD take offs just about brand new bought for $20 . I went to an auto muffler shop and had an " S " bend pipe made to fit them to the bike . If I recall the S pipes were another $20 . then I only had to fabricate a rear braket . These HD units were from an UltraClassic and have slip fit to the pipe .
thank you very much for the reply Andy1800, I have been looking on ebay, about 50 bucks for 2 and shipping. not bad.
I will have to check at my local muffler shop Onewingandaprayer, I need to get the muffler shop to make a piece that will work with these harley mufflers. Thank you very much for the information.
I have found these on craigsalist. do you guys think they will work on my 1200?

I think they have a 1 3/4" intake. My goldwing muffler is 2" so maybe the intake is 1 3/4.

I am going to the local muffler shop today to see if they can make the S shaped connector from my bike size to these harley mufflers size. And if they can and these mufflers will work I will be going and getting them.

Thank you again to anyone/everyone that can helps!
Nevermind, got my answer.
The guy at my local Minus muffler said he can make whatever size i need. so i might be good on that.

Thanks again
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