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85 aspy turn signal location

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Hi my turn signals are not working I replaced the handlebar switch thinking
That was the problem. No it was not the po tried to make the bike into a cafe
Racer by taking off everything he could and removing wires.

Can anyone tell me The physical location? There are 2 relays on top of the air
Scoop and 2 sitting on top of the coils one of the ones on top of the coils is
The fuel pump relay the other??

Aarrgghh gumby
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There are more than a couple relays in that location. Since it's been bobbed, I can only tell you what should be there.
There are two "round" relays on the bracket. Ignore them. They are for on board compressor and brake light relay.
There should also be two elongated relays. Ignore them also. One is the fuel pump relay, the other is the check relay for the low fuel warning indicator.
This should leave you with two "standard" looking square relays. They are for the turn signals, and the four ways. They are interchangeable. Try swapping them and see if you get your turn signals back.
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