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85 gw 1200 no spark #1 & 2

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Hi I have no spark on #1&#2 plugs since the coils fire 1&3 & 2&4 I think

Maybe the pulse coils are a wreck could anyone advise on this one.

Thx gumby:wtf do ya think
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Only replace the resistors if you have resistor spark plugs. The resistor is there for not only radio interference supression but also to dampen the spark. So you can have have 1 or 2 resistors of the following but not all three:
Spark Plugs
Resistor wires
Resistors in the cap.

To address your original problem. If the plug wires have ohm readings (resistance) that is in the range of good with the Factory Service Manual (FSM) and the coils resistance is in range then you check your PG's resistance. If that is in line with the FSM then your only other option is the ECM. Usually find one at a bone yard or eBay for under $100. Careful! I think the ECM's are the same from 85 to 87 and the 84 is different. Different PG's on the 84 model only. I could be wrong on that and all of the ECM's are the same but since the PG's are different I would prefer to get 85 and up ECM.

Did you happen to notice if your tach quit working as well? The tach is fired off of the right coil and if the ECM is bad for cylinders 1&2 the tach should also show no RPM.
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