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85 limited low rpm miss

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I have an 85 limited 44000 miles,with low rpm miss. No codes on computer. Tested coils with multi meter.Book says 2.7 + or - .03 One reads 3.0 and one reads 3.2 could this be the problem ? Other than low rpm has plenty of pick up at higher rpm. Any clues
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Do you notice any difference in the miss between when the engine is hot vs. cold?
dosent seem to matter .
I have used the sea foam. It also has a new fully charged battery and stator is charging. has been riden about 300 miles with sea foam. Fuel filter has about 1000 miles on it,
What about throttle plate sync ???
Are you talking about the vacum sync ? Im waiting on a friend to dig out his guages,after a recent move. Was going to check that too. Was just concerned about the coil readings. Rode in the rain once and drain holes at pluges were pluged and started missing bad then too but cleared up . Was wondering if this has anything to do with it. ?????
i'd check the tps,spark caps and the wires

sometimes caps will be going bad but will work fine at higher revs,see if any are loose inside

how long since you changed the plugs,if not recently its the first,easy inexpensive thing i'd do
Since it's happening at low rpms and low load, and it's happening when hot or cold, I would suspect a fuel/carb issue more than a coil on the way out. Neoracer may have something there with the plugs and wires as well.

Best wishes
Plugs are new. Will check wires and caps in the morning. I love the limited but it has some chalenges. I also own a 2011 harley ultra classic. But am still very partial to the 1200. Ive had the goldwing about 14 years now. Wife once said I needed to get rid of it because Ive had it a long time. Told her Ive been maried to her a long time too.(29 yrs). Never heard another word.
In the interest's of keeping things simple,, the idle after warm-up should be 1000rpm + 50rpm.... The reason I'm posting this is I remember a post simalur to your's and it turned out his idle speed was about 650rpm or so..

That was the problem.... The idle adjustment screw is located in the rear center of the engine and can be found by rotating the throttle and watching the linkage from the right side of the bike.
I went ahead and bought a set of coils and wires off a limited with 20,000 miles on it off Ebay. Got the PBL PBR sensors just in case. These are items that will no longer be avaliable when the good used ones are gone. Thanks for all the help so far. any Ideas will be apreciated
My Idle stays around 1020 to 1060 after warmed up. havent made any adjustments until I sync Throtle bodies. I have the books and supliment.
A few things to check are for vacuum leaks (the LTD has almost 20 feet of vacuum hose on the fuel injection system alone) the AIR valve, The PAIR system (it's an emissions control system that injects air into the exhaust ports, and is prone to leaking. I removed and plugged mine) and most of all, the two reed valve assemblies that control idle speed. If it idles ok, hopefully it is not those. New ones are not available, and IMO, there really is no satisfactory way to repair them (I rigged mine, still holding) The throttle position sensor is also a possibility. As far as I know, the ECU will not show a code unless it has a completely open circuit. It could still be bad.

The fuel injection system was a great system when new, and with the exception of those reed valves, very well designed. Unfortunately it has not held up over time well, and most parts are no longer available. Fortunately it is a lot more robust than today's flimsy digital crap.
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