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Many thanks for the help and if I could give mana again Stu :bow:would have more than he can carry in his wings trailer.
Yes I jumped to quick, :lash:
It was the fuel pump, along with a weak battery.
Installed the battery and again with the fuse. Unhooked the pump and it would turn over great. Installed the prelude pump made sure it would pump fuel turned it over VIOLA it ran (let set on choke until it started to warm up.
Idled it down till fan came on, missed cough etc after about 10 minutes it kept running better and better. Finally it smoothed out.

Will put everything back, after I make sure the water pump isn't still seeping.
With my luck I'll have an OEM water pump setting on the shelf for a while now.
Again with anything else CHECK 1 THING AT A TIME.

The battery came from BatteriesPlus came with a 2 year warranty
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.