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Sounds like it is the oil seal on the drive shaft. If your a mechanic it should pose no problem.
The manual states: Clogged breather, Oil level too high or damaged seals.

Final Drive
Gear Case Removal
Place the motorcycle on its center stand.
Remove the rear wheel (Section 14).
Drain the final gear case oil if disassembling the gear case.
Remove the 4 gear case mounting nuts.
Disconnect the shock absorber from the case.
Remove the final gear case from the swing arm.

Drive Shaft Removal
Insert the axle through the gear case and clamp the axle
in a vise with soft jaws or shop rags. Place the shock
mount between the vise jaws for stability.
Separate the drive shaft from the gear case by gently
revolving the shaft while pulling on it slightly.

Remove the circlip, spring seat and spring from the drive
Remove and discard the oil seal and stop ring.
NOTE: The stop ring is not necessary for operation. It is
used for production line purposes only.
Inspect the drive shaft splines for wear or damage.
Replace it if necessary.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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