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'87I, New Fuel Pump = Carb Leak?

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OK, so I see an '87 fuel pump on e-Bay, place a bid, it arrives yesterday looking brand new. I'm a happy camper, except...

...I put the pump on the bike this afternoon and when I start it up I get a massive fuel leak from the #3 carb. I mean it's pouring out. However, it doesn't seem to be leaking from any of the other carbs, so...

...I realize, after the fact, of course, that I should have run some gas through the pump before hooking it to the bike, but I didn't. So...

If the pump is just pumping massive amounts of fuel, and not shutting off, wouldn't that cause it to flood from all the carbs?

Or, is it more likely that there was some debris in the pump which found its way into that #3 float, or float valve?

Any other possibilities?
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While it's always important to flush a new pump, I don't see how something big enough to keep the needle from closing, could have gotten past your seat screen. Most likely a needle hanging up.
You can drain the bowl, remote start the pump WITHOUT the bike cranking or running, and try to flush the seat/needle assy. Not too thrilled about those prospects though.
Well, the bad news is, I'm going blind! The good news is, my brither is not, and he immediately saw that the fuel line going into the carb was leaking back at the "T" joint where I stressed it removing the pump. It's a good-sized crack that points right up at the back of the carb. Anyway, I think I'm good. Thanks GL for your help, and anybody else who has wasted brain power trying to figure out how I can be so stupid.

Now, to the task of trying to find the correct size hose.
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