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88 GL1500 47k, ready to ride, $4500

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(SOLD) 88 GL1500 47k, ready to ride, $4500

88 1500 with 47k miles new, tires, brakes, timing belts, filters, fluids, odyssey battery, 4th degree wheel, carbs rebuilt, (no 88 hesitation), everything works, cruise, cb, radio, reverse, lots of extras, runs great. $4500


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Somebody make me an offer, I live 70 miles north of Dallas, 160 miles south of OKC. Thanks
First GL I've seen with out the Chrome front brake covers. Definitely looks different without the covers. Looks like a nice Goldwing with few miles on it, Good Luck with the sale of it.
I took the covers off, I thought it looked better, but I still have the covers. Thanks
Very sweet looking ride, I'm glad you're not closer LOL You should have zero problem selling that beauty.
Can't believe no one has jumped all over this yet, Great Bike in great condition and low miles.........:? This things got 200K to 300K miles left on her, easily!!
Would love to upgrade out of our 82 myself, but like the rest this year, the kids keep me too broke to buy anything cool LOL. But here is a bump for a purdy lady anyway.
I sent the pix to a friend. He's looking for one.
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