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88 GL1500 Carb question

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I rebuilt my carbs & am in the process of putting everything back together. I am concerned about the boot clamps between the carbs & intake. When I tighten up the clamps, there are spacers so the clamps will only tighten up so much. The upper clamp is tight but the lower clamp is still a little loose. The carbs seem fine but the lower clamp being loose concerns me. I don't want to have a problem with suction or is the clamp supposed to be this loose? The screw will not tighten up any more, so I assume Honda designed it this way?
Any input would be appreciated.
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Parts diagram shows two different clamps for upper and lower, swap them and you should be good to go.
The Isolators MUST be tight, otherwise the fuel/air mixture will go Lean, at seemingly random times.

Dunno why yours is loose, other than possible mis-assembly.

I also suggest:
1) Replace the Isolator, if they are obviously hard or deformed.
2) Put K&N Sealing Grease on the contact surfaces, both to Seal the joint air-tight, and also to make subsequent removal/installation much easier.
Well, let me take another look at them. I don't remember messing with the lower clamps, maybe I did. I sure hate to take the carbs back off! But then I would hate to have to take the whole bike back down too!!
Do the clamps look different, some way I can ID them without taking them off & swapping them over?
Still cannot figure this out! I raised the carbs up & took the boots off, per the Clymer manual the boot was sitting in groove on manifold & the clamps were in their grooves. I cannot tell any difference in the clamps. The only thing noted was the lower clamp on both boots has a blue paint dot on the spacer between the clamp. This dot was on both lower clamps. I do not remember mixing the clamps up when I oroginally took the carbs off. The only other thing I can think of is ordering all new boots & clamps, but that seems like such a waste of money. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
...just remove the little round ferrule (spacer) and tighten them up.

There's a bend in the clamp to allow it to slide into itself when tightened. This may have straightened-out enough without seeing anything wrong to make what is happening... happen.

(sorry - first cup aint down yet)
I had thought about doing that, but always hesitate to start modifying things like carbs.
My Dad told me one time, "if they put it there, it probably needs to be there". But I will take another look & probably take the spacer out. I guess you can't overtighten the boots?
Could file it down - Take a 1/8" off or so.
Could take the clamp off and look at the bend, see if it's straightened or not, and re-bend. Kinda weak metal for bending but, the bend is such a tight bend that there is strength in it because it is so tight of a bend.
I'd replace those phillips-head screws with allen-head screws if I were to replace anything. I truely hate phillips-head screws.
There's a set of used clamps on eBay now, but...
I like your idea of filing the spacer down a little.
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