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88 GL1500 Overdrive Light intermittent

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I just bought a 88 GL1500. Sometimes the "OD" light work and some times it doesn't. Cruise always works. I am thinking it is just the light circuit or socket. Has anyone else had this happen?
Some days it works all the time. Today it only came on twice all day. According to what I read, if it is the gear position switch. The cruise would not work.
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You are correct, if it were the gear switch the cruise would not work. May be a connection problem or could be the bulb.
I knew I forgot something when I had my instruments out! I was going to disable that light! Drives me nuts...

You're right, it's probably just a socket problem...
I imagine it working intermittently would bother me even more...

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My light socket is loose, so I had the same issue. I just removed bulb.
But without that light you'll continue to try shifting into that mythical sixth gear.:ROFL:
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If your bike is performing OK and getting you good mileage, the light shouldn't be a big deal (loosebulb or similar). However, the ground signal from the gear switch (gears N, 3, 4, & 5 on your '88) is used in the engine load calculations for spark timing at the ECU... so, if the signal from the switch itself isn't behaving, you may end-up with unintentional timing maps.

Just to add another thought.
Haven't fixed yet. Just had a bulb go out in the dash. guess I will look into it then.

Yes Ken, I keep checking to make sure I am in high gear a lot.

First real road trip(200 miles) with my wife, I got 36 MPG. From what I read that is good. I got around 42 on my ST1100 when I had it when we went on trips. So not to bad. Plus I get to carry more too!

Thanks for the replies. I will post on here if I fix just a connection issue!
Fixed OD light. Bulb wire(wedge style bulb) partially broken. Replaced bulb. Light works every time now.
there is a OD light on the 88 :shock: where would this light be on the dash

I am going to have to look for mine as I have never seen it, didn't even know it existed
On left side lower. Beside High beam indicator.
what do you know,,,, there it is plain as day. I replaced the bulb this morning and now it works
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