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95 GL1500 SE won't start, won't crank

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i know, I know...common thread subject, but I have checked the others and am not sure whether or not they address what is going on with my bike.

I noticed a month or so ago that my bike was getting hard to start. would smell gas (at the point where I flooded the bike, It would crank the whole time, but the crank started to slow down rather quickly (inside of 2 minutes). I keep the bike on a battery tender and the light would show green (before I attempted to start it).

fast forward to tonight and I just got clicks, though the tender showed green (prior to attempting). now, I cannot get it to click, the lights are dim. I am hoping it is just the battery, but i am not sure.

Also, i did the alternator / agm battery upgrade (or I should say my mechanic did). Is it okay to leave it on the Battery Tender?
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You may need to put the battery on an automotive charger set at 2 amps rather than a trickle/maintainer charger now that it's flat. If you don't have one, pull the battery and take it to an auto parts store and they will load test it for free(and charge it first) It should still be good but they have been known to go bad with an internal short. How old it the battery?

Also pull the spark plugs and make sure there is not fluid in the cylinders, gas or coolant as that will make it hard to impossible to turn over. If fluid is present, turn over motor while plugs are out to expel the fluid, put rags over the plug holes so it doesn't shoot out all over the things you don't want covered with it! (if the bike is pre 97 turn kill switch to off to kill power to plug wires.
The starter may need pulling and a good cleaning.
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My bike batteries stay on a battery tender 365 days a year.

I want them topped off before I hit the starter button, and it keeps them young and healthy.

The non-start issue is something else I will leave to the gurus on here.
A bad battery, even one with low acid level, can cause the green light to show on a tender or even a charger. I just went through this and had to get a new battery.
Another thought to ponder is that the Battery Tender could be bad. About 3 years ago I went out to start my bike to leave on a trip and it wouldn't hit a lick. Wouldn't even click. The Tender had been on it for a few days prior to this and the green light was on when I removed the Tender before trying to start the bike. I thought for sure I had a bad battery. I had my buddy bring me a new battery when he came over to leave on our trip. We installed it and went on our way. When I got back from our trip I put a charger on the battery and it charged up nicely. It turns out the Battery Tender was not charging the battery even though the green light was on showing the battery was fully charged. I am still using the original battery that was in it that morning.
Just had a similar problem on a friends 1500 over here in the uk. We swaped battery's ,starters,cleaned solinoids ,etc etc it turned out to be dirty contacts on the 2 5amp fuses at the rear of the battery box (I didn't know they were there)there hidden under a rubber sleeve on the wiring to the rear solinoid at the rear of battery box starts every time now
Hope this helps .
thank you all for your replies. you've given me some direction concerning this issue. I will look into these possibilities.
it turned out to be dirty contacts on the 2 5amp fuses at the rear of the battery box (I didn't know they were there)there hidden under a rubber sleeve on the wiring to the rear solinoid at the rear of battery box

Has anyone got a picture showing the location of these 5 amp fuses? I had a battery box out recently but couldn't see them and I was actually looking for them!
Hi John
As you look at the battery/tray from the right hand side of the wing put your fingers down the left hand side of the battery tray you will feel a solenoid then near that you will feel a rubber boot (like the ones used to cover electrical connections/plugs else where on the wiring harness ,bell shaped)pull it towards you then look in the end of it and you will see the 2 blade fuses lurking in there
If you don't find them let me know and I will try to get you some pics.
hope this helps you john.
ps (let me make it clear that the fuses were not blown but dirty on the blades and gave the same symptoms as a flat battery)
Thanks Glenn I'll check for them later. It was a mates bike that was having starting troubles recently that made me look. His fault turned out to be in the starter button but it would be good to check his 5amp fuses are clean too.
My issue was corrosion around/on the solenoid where the cable bolts to it. After a thorough cleaning (and battery charge), I had no more starting issues.
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