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96 GL1500se vacuum hose

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Hello from West by God Virginia.
I have a mystery vacuum hose that was off before I tore her down for all the (new to me) maintenance. ie: Timing belts, Plugs, Fuel, Air, Sub n Cruz filters.
I could see the hose...inside left thru the gas door.
No biggie...I knew I was tearing it all apart to do all the above maintenance.
Well I'm going back together and still have not found a home for this hose. So i'm posting a picture of sorts to see if one of the gurus might just say...Hey that goes here.
The red arrow points to said mystery hose in first pic.
Is it possible that it goes to the EVAP CAV Control Valve in this link? (Just found this pic sry)
The No.10 hose from the T to said Control Valve.

Thanks in advance,


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That's one of the thicker hoses isn't it? I have a feeling that hose doesn't connect to anything. Can you feel any vacuum or suction with a finger on the open end when the engine is running?
...I believe that connects to the left lower portion of the airbox

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Thanks for the reply.
Figured goes to charcoal canister on CA. Models.
It's left open on non CA. Models.
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