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96 Goldwing muffler

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I own a 1996 GW SE. Will a 1998 GW muffler interchange with a 1996 GW muffler? Because Honda wants $1600.00 for both the 1996 mufflers and $400.00 for both the 1998 mufflers. I'm wanting to get it back to factory or almost factory quite. I'm to old for the noise.
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It would be my best guess that if $1200 difference in parts then maybe not the exact same parts LOL

Are you sure your are not looking up just mufflers for one year and a complete system for the other year?

I'll go play and see what I find
that was the price the honda parts guy at the counter quoted me.
Go to and do the looking yourself.
Check part numbers but don't be fooled by pictures looking the same. Honda updates its motorcycles more often than it updates its fiche.
thanks. western 300.00 cheaper
96 mufflers

The 98 mufflers will fit on the 96 but the 98 mufflers are a little bit louder.
May fit, but not the same.

Both types are shown on the parts filche.

96 uses a 1 piece muffler on each side, #6 $490 on right, #30 $580 on left. $1070

98 uses a 2 piece muffler on each side, #5 $188 muffler #8 $129 tail piece on right,
#29 $188 muffler, #20 $129 tail piece on left. $634

My guess is Honda only gave you the price for the 98 mufflers and not for the tail piece for each. Still the 98 for all 4 parts is a good bit cheaper than for the 96 2 pieces.
I have a set on my 97 SE I just picked up so they should fit a 96 they are a bit louder than the stock 97 pipes.
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