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"98" seat on "89"?

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The title kind of tells the story. Will the seat of a "98" fit on an "89"? I just bought one and haven't picked it up yet. Does it sit differently?

Thanks in advance.

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yes it will fit,

and you will greatly appreciate the extra leg room. Feet flat on the ground because it sits lower in the saddle,
That is what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation AZ.
Remember though that the '89 is a wider body (side covers buldge out more than later years) ... was the fat a change for the '95 styling? - I'm not certain...

Just mentioning it, the '98 seat will be shorter, but also a bit thinner in the nose, which may alow you to kinda "touch" the side panels when standing at a stoplight...

Sounds like a fun ride -- can't wait to see your photos there FeeB!
The saddle will fit perfectly Stan, the width change was only in the shape of the side panels.
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