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hi wingers

on joining this wonderful informative
goldwing forum. all the wingers have
been very helpful in giving time
tested information.

i bought my first goldwing 1200 i/state
and we're just overhauling it
and making it look better.
it arrived with mirrors on sticks
and these were the first things to
go. i managed to find USA style fairing
mirrors, many thanks Ken!
on fleabay! however i couldn't
find the special bolts to attach them.
i searched all uk bike shops, fleabay,
honda (who laughed, no chance darling,
the salesman said!)

the purpose of this posting is to
say a big thank you to Jon Jay
who a actually posted some to me
from his home on the other side of the
pond! i actually live in the UK.
when the little critters arrived,
it made my day!

it just proved to me that Jon
and Ken and all the others wingers
have Angelic wings!

Thank you very much!

kind regards

Angel :)

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There are many like that on this forum... I have helped a few brothers on the other side of the pond myself... It's what we do - we band of brothers ;)


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Apology first!

First of all I apologise, not, for what the guy in the motorcycle shop told you, he's just a fricking ID10T and definately not at all
for what dadstoy said, but for what I might say, in my disgust of the way you where treated, but it happened to me all the time.

I lived in the UK the first 42 years of my life, been here now 15 years (proud US citizen, got here the hard way, work, not marriage) but it just pi$$es me off that those people will not help you purely because you mention that what you have is something US, it smacks of so much jealousy and the hope that you will fail in your enterprise, just as they hoped I would fail in mine.

Those screws, domed, #2 Phillips countersunk, 4mm x 35mm, regular thread are Metric!!! If they're like the ones on my 1100, they're available all over the world if you look in the right place, don't look in bike specific places, just take a sample and ask "Ya got some like this?" Hit up where the kids are hot rodding Civics, you'll find it there or they'll be able point you in the right direction.

Again apologies. I don't hate the place, I still count 1 or 2 of my friends from being there, but $#!T man, can they be a$$holes when they wannabe? And wannabe what???????............................

American of course!!!!!!!!!
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