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I decided to buy a set of Big Bike Parts Chrome LED Side Fairing Accents with Clear Lenses. I just don't care for the amber LED's. So I took out the yellow LED's, & put in Street FX ElectroPods Flex Multi-Colored Lights. Doing it this way, adds quite a bit to the total cost of the Side Fairing Accents, but they look so much better. I'm going to hook them up to my master cylinder switch block, so they won't be on all the time. I probably should've gotten a patent on this idea. I'm sure Big Bike Parts, or Kuryakyn will come out with something like this, before too long.;)

Originals with yellow LED's:gunhead:

This is simular to what I have, only I have the Multi-colored ones.

Here's a shot, while it's all blue.

A shot, while they're mostly red.

All lit up, with multi-colors.:clapper:
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