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It been like 2 years now since I observed a water puddle in my garage.

Numerous time I wondered how water gets under my work bench . It bothered me. At beginning I thought it was from sprinklers while the garage door was open. So I readjusted them. It totally disappeared over the last winter but It came back later in the season.
I went and carefully examined the garage wall.
I thought after heavy rain the water siped in thru some cracks. No cracks in there.
It bothered me for quite a bit of time.
Finally one day I discovered how the water got in there.
I was very excited and cheerfully I called my wife to tell her my enigma and my finding.
Before I told her my conclusion I asked her how she thinks the water got in there.
"From the cars A/C"she replied I was perplexed and I bitterly replied
"Go away"
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