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abs brakes

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going to purchase a 2004 in the next few days. i wanted abs but not many for sale in my range, (@ 11000), any experience with the two?
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You probably won't find many with much experience with ABS, you have to get into a skid situation to activate it.
ABS was a must have when I was looking because I tow a trailer and travel some not so well cared for roads around here. Hopefully, I'll never need to know how well or not well it works, but I have it.
I liked it on my first 1800, very nice on gravel roads.
It is interesting that you like it on gravel roads, in my experience it increases stopping distance dramatically on dirt roads so much so that many motards have an off switch for the ABS.
Used mine once that I know of...on gravel. I think it's one of those things that becomes a personal preference item. For me, it's my personal preference to have it and if/when I get another wing it will have ABS.
I used it on gravel coming back down from the north west road into Mount Rainier National Park. Dirt and Gravel. Kept me from sliding the back end out from under the bike. I also tow a trailer and while I have not needed it yet with the trailer on behind I am glad I have it after feeling how well it works on gravel.

All European Spec Wings come with ABS and I have on a few occasions had it kick in. Wouldn't want to be without it now, since on one of those occasions I do believe I would have otherwise gone down with the force of my braking, caused by someone else's bad driving in front of me.

I too have had it kick in on loose gravel on roads and whilst it is still a slight pucker moment, I would prefer that to the alternative, without ABS. :shock:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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