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Accessory shops around Orlando?

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My friend Steve is away in Florida at the moment having a holiday with his family.:waving:

I was talking to him on the phone earlier, and he has asked me to ask on here about the location of :15red:bike/accessory:15red: shops in his locale.
I guess he just needs some time out, and shopping for accessories etc would be right up his alley.:D

He gave me his address, where he will be for the next week. He's coming back on saturday/sunday 15th/16th.

He is at:-
Woodcrest Way
Zip FL34711

(about 5 minutes from the 192, and about 20 minutes from Seaworld)

So how about it guys?
Where can he go to chill out for a while?:baffled:
Maybe spend a few $$$'s in the process?:shock:

I'll be talking to him again later, so I can pass on any tips and hints then.

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I went over last year. Found nothing in orlando for goldie's Just a harley dealership on the main drag. Even a google search of the area gave nothing. It's a bit of a dry town for Goldies.
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