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I bought Cynthia a new laptop for Christmas, it came in today and is this thing is FAST!!!
power off to enter password? 12 seconds
enter password and desktop appears in 3 seconds.
15 seconds from OFF to working on the web, awesome!

256 gB SSD
8 gB RAM
4 gB Video RAM

2.7 gHz CPU

I started working with it about 6:30 after supper was done.
It is now 8:40 and I am done with it!

I have never been able to setup a Windows pc in less than a day and a half :(

Installed Revo Uninstaller
Installed AVAST
Installed Firefox & Chrome

Removed McAfee crap, all of it
Turned OFF Cortana, she does not want that POS listening to her

Turned OFF every single setup option item that Microsoft wanted to install by default.... all four pages of their snooping were ignored.....

you gotta use the Custom Install or that is all on by Default.

It does have Win10, and I now see what Tricky has been talking about, it comes up with a black screen now, leaving all of that Tile crap alone unless you ask for it. Glad they finally realized that most of us hate that tile crap.

Noted that Microsoft has removed our ability to do certain deep things to the OS, if they bother her, I will investigate later, but for now, it is done.

Almost, it has the newest version of Office on it and we won't be using that, too damn expensive.

I will install 2007, I have the license for that.

Nice little package..... I might be tempted to buy one for myself if my ASUS laptop gives me too much trouble, but it is slowly coming together...

Spent all of my sheckles for now anyway :crying2:

Her 10 or 12 year old Sony laptop was taking about 12 minutes to boot up and get ready to go.

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I am very upset with the MS folks.

I have a licensed Microsoft Office 2007 CD, complete with all the Certificates,
Product Key labels, etc... have been using it forever....

and it refuses to allow me to install that product.
Says it "cannot be upgraded, this is not a eligible product for Win10"

piss on that.... I wasted over an hour trying to get that on.....

deleted it all, downloaded Open Office, installed it, placed all the icons on the START TILE window and was done in 15 minutes.

No way, can you get through any MS product in 15 minutes.

Cynthia is playing with it now, she was quite tickled that Open Office looks exactly like MS Office.

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ah, Ken, you know Libre Office don't run on Win10

even if it did, it did, it is not as good as Open Office, nor as good as Word...
I get along with it, but just barely, it pisses me off everyday.
it won't do a of things that I am used to doing with Word 2003 which is what is on my Desktop.... which by the way, is what I am typing on right now.

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My friend Ugg just traded in his clay tablet printer for a stone tablet printer. He says the stone tablets have a much longer shelf life.:grin3:

I could put you in touch with him and then you and him could debate the merits ancient office suites.:ROFL:

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oh I needed that Ken,
I have been so sick today, that my head is swimming in thick gooey stuff.

a fellow a bit ago was locked out, he called me trying to get logged in and got the warning about 5 times is too many, try again in 30 minutes.

So, knowing he had tried already, I knew his browser cache was clogged with junk passwords and asked if he knew how to get to Security and delete the old ones...

=> No

Me, what browser are you using?

=> the little icon on the bottom.

Me: picture of a Fox? or 3 dots in the top right corner?

=> no....

Me: is your computer using Windows?

=> I don't know

Me: :frown2:

it took me about 20 minutes to help him through the maze to figure out that yes, it is on Windows, and yes it is IE...

from there, we finally made it through the maze and had him just simply delete every password on the browser..... I tried to save him from loosing other passwords, but that was a loss.... so easier to just get him onto the forum....

nice guy, but obviously computers are not his forte.

now, that all caused me to have to get into the office and use the Win7 Desktop.

While there, I used Word to save some of the Uptime Network outage logs.
In Word, you can click on 'F' and it usually shows you the last 9 files that were opened. I wanted the last log saved, and append the new one for today.... uh, I could find it, did not remember where I stored it.... oh well.

Well, I had gone through a Security Paranoia season last year and turned that off.
Today I wanted it back on..... it had been so long since I used that PC, I had forgotten where the menu item was to make it do that........ aggravating, being sick, getting younger everyday, and using only Linux now for over a year...

just don't know how this world is going to end up :grin3:
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