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1st - where are you planning on installing the cigarette lighter socket?

2nd - do you want just a 12V outlet to power these accessories, or do you want it to light cigarettes as well?(They are different sockets)

Lastly, do you want it 'hot' at all times, or just when the bike is running/switched on
I'm not the OP but since I was about to ask the same question I'll give my answer to Dusty.

I'd like to install it in the left or right (lockable) pocket, for accessories only, really just my Nuvi GPS and only with the ignition.

Even better these days would be a usb outlet, much smaller and can power many more useful things. It would also be very nice to have one for the co-pilot as well, ideally in one of the cubby holes under her armrest.

Note that this may not be what bigeasy is after.
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