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Advil Helmet needed

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I have to ask a question about my helmet. I purhased my helmet last year and I made sure that I had the right size and fit. I have always found that all helmets had to be broken in before they where comfortable.

It has been almost a year and my helmet still bothers me after about and hours worth of riding. I get a massive head ache just above my eyes. I am at the point where I am about to find another helmet. Before I do, is there something that you folks know on how to make this DOT approved torture device easier to bear?


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The same thing happened to me in 2005. Bought a new helmet before 2006. Now everything is OK.:action::action::action::action::action::action::action::action::action::action:
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A little judicious pressing with a screwdriver handle or some such on the area of the pressure point will compress the foam a bit and make the fit better. Many of us have non symmetrical skulls that don't fit quite right in a symmetrically molded helmet liner. A little squishing of the foam won't hurt the helmet's protection.
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When I bought my Arai helmet, the sales guy made sure I had the right size and shape of helmet. We went through a couple of sizes and shapes and brands before he found the perfect fit for my shape head. It has been so darn comfortable for the past 5 years.

I used to be like you, my helmet always squeezed the front of my head back in the day when I picked out my own helmet.
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Hi, Like Exavid says,

You can form the Styrofoam in the helmet to make the Lid custom fit you.

I have used various things over the years to form fit the lid to my Gorilla Sized Noggin.

From a Full Beer Bottle, Rolling Pin and asst tools, To even just pressing with my thumbs.

What you are now experiencing is the sharp right angle edge of the foam that rests just above your eyes.

Take your helmet and set it upside down on a pillow or your lap.

Now just tap, using something round. Right on that edge that is resting on your forehead.

I like using something with a fairly large radius to help smooth the fit.

What you want is a gradual Radius where the foam rests on your forehead.

Also adjust any other place the lid is pressing on your head.

This will not hurt the crash protection and make the lid much more comfortable to wear for long periods.

The Helmet then is custom fit for you and makes the ride much more pleasant.

There is enough irritation out there for us to put up with, What we wear should not add to this.

PS. Nice Clip from Silicon Sam. Thanks Bud.

Good Luck

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