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I broke down and paid $300 for a set of the new Aeropegs, sight unseen.

My review in short is they look really nice, they work well, and the Quality is the best I have seen in after market parts or accessories.

It took about 20 minutes to install.

When I return from my 2600 mile trip around the 23th of June I will post a followup.


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Really interested in your report after the trip. Please include the type of shoes, boots or (flipflops?) :cheeky1:, as they may affect the heat transmitted from the heads to your feet. I have had my eye on these as well and you are in a great position to report great info.

(Interesting that I will be passing through your area in mid July, Oakbrook or something for the night).

Have a great trip.

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real nice concept at the moment iam working on making passanger pegs on my 1500 for my son hes 18were off to france in july and hes 6ft3ins size 13in shoe he finds the passanger boards to short for his legs with the result he gets cramps so when iam useing my pegs herests his feet on the driver pegsbut iam not to happy with this incase i have to shift to the rear brake real quickthats him in the avatar with our dog nubz
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Truely great looking pegs. where did you get them?
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Would want to know if, depending on your size, if your legs rub up against the fairing and if you have to point your feet outwards.
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The photo in Dan's link above shows a long legged rider with the peg in a
rear positon. Keep that in mind when viewing it. IF the peg was adjusted
full forward on the production version that photo would look different.

The success of the AeroPeg 'Sport' will depend on wether or not a new design
is launched to address the issue's long legged riders suffer. Regardless of the
currently available highway peg options the long legged rider ends up with his
legs spread wide.

The AeroPeg doesn't grind on the pavement. One customer commented in email
to me that he was an aggressive rider in the twisties and had ground through
3 sets of another peg where they mount to the engine guard. He was glad these
didn't suffer that fate.

The AeroPeg is but an option among the currently available choices in Highway Pegs
for the GL1800. Fitment across all body types is the goal but if you have
"bow legs" or are "knock kneed", have thick legs as a result of your weight
or thin how something fits you will vary.

I'd hope that if the current model of AeroPeg doesn't quite work for you the
new designs ready to go will. As one guy, capitalizing this in a tight
economy, know that I do plan on growing the choices available in the AeroPeg
family of peg choices.


Kevin Warren
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hi kevin and welcome to the forum have you any plans for the 1500
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