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First, stop incorporating a GPS in the Wing. The biggest reason is no touch screen. My Zumo is a better unit in the fact that it is a newer unit, an mp3 player, my satt. radio interface, has an audio book section in the mp3 player for listening to novels on those long trips and serves as my cell phone interface via blue tooth. With the Kennedy Cell Set installed, all this is plug and play with the Honda harness and (most importantly) allows me to make changes on the go using a touch screen. I'll be the one to decide whether or not this is dangerous, not the Honda lawyers, thank you.

My main point here is, while there are things that need to change for the better on the factory Wing, I believe the after market industry does a better and quicker job of bringing new products to the market to improve this great machine. It seems to me that when Honda (or most others) finally get a popular gadget integrated into a machine it's too little, too late. The said gadget is already behind the curve and can't be changed by the owner.

My '04 now has all the functional improvements it needs via the aftermarket vendors to make it the ideal machine for OUR needs, not what Honda THINKS we might need. A great multi function GPS, Mic Mutes, Ed Sets, cup /holders and a gorgeous Bushtec trailer have made this the near perfect bike for us.

If I had to name one thing Honda could do in production, it would be incorporating a proper cartridge type suspension in the front with comp./rebound control for the rider and more rider adjustments for the rear as well. Yes, I know Traxxion makes a very good suspension system and kudos to them, but Honda is more than capable of building a top notch suspension into the Wing and keeping the costs down. Due to efficient production on the line, a better suspension at say, $500 to the cost of the machine is much more palatable then $23-$2600 U.S. in the after market.

All in all, the aftermarket does a better job of "fixing" the short comings of the Wing.


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