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From someone who didn't believe that a vacuum line could cause all those seemingly different problems, believe me when I say it's probably the lines. Also, using non Honda lines may be a false economy. I did that and I now have lines on order.

To be fair, it's the smaller lines that seem to be more vulnerable. I have them on order at the moment as the non Honda ones can't take the heat or pressure. Just don't forget the tube that between the manifolds - nicely kept out of sight under the heat protector.

Try this website to find the parts

Also, the tubes I have ordered (and it's not all of them) are;

Description Detail Part Number[/b]
No 1 tube (ORN)Manifold link to ECU 17173-MN5-000
No 3 tube (ORN) Manifold link to ECU 17175-MT2-000
No 5 tube (ORN) Manifold link to ECU 17462-MT8-000
No 1 tube From air injection control valve 17358-MT8-000
No 1 tube From A1CV solenoid valve “T”
piece to metal connector near
engine 17350-MT8-000
Un-numbered tube From A1CV solenoid to “T”
piece (short) 17351-MT8-000

Also, to save yourself a lot of other problems, when was the last time you changed/cleaned your sub air filter?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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