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air/wind wings -- best install on GL1200

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Bought a pair of Baker Air Wings for my GL1200. Think I can install the left wing using the CB mounting screw holes.

Not sure how to install the right wing though. Seems like drilling through the plastic and mounting would eventually crack the fairing plastic....

Anyone have a picture of an air wing installed on the right side of their GL1200? Or know of a way to install with the least risk of cracking down the road?

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I installed them on my 1200 as per Bakers instructions and template. No problems. Sorry no pics. Maybe can get some tomorrow if no one else posts any. :waving:
"instructions" you say? Well I'll be....what will they think of next? :)

Thanks for the reply erwjww. I just noticed the Baker forum on this site and posed the question there as well....
It's not unusual to see any brand of air/wind wings crack plastic. Keep in mind also that your 1200's plastic is old...and when it gets old it's usually a lot more delicate.
The instructions if I remember (could be wrong) suggest attaching through the edging strip on the fairing, this gives plenty of strength for them to be attached there.

I have had mine on since 1986 without the fairing cracking which I have seen on several when trying to mount the right side through the single thickness of the fairing.

Although the picture shows the airhorns ( now removed) it does show the air wing attachment.

Although they are not Baker airwings AFAIK


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