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Hi Bob,

I'm from Rio Rancho, i just had the same problem a few months ago. I can tell you that we are very much in the same boat (wrenching on our own bikes), but with time restraints and such i found it easier to get the work done for me.

I took my goldwing (84 GL1200) to R&S Honda on wyoming, they are a great bunch of people. I gotta tell ya that since I knew they were going to have to drop the engine i had them do alot more, shift shaft seal, valve cover gaskets, the stator, etc,.

The total for all they did was $2100.00, but it was worth it, had the famous 3 yellow wiring and starter relay wiring done. The pigwing runs great and i just got back from a great ride to california. Hope eveything works out for ya, get in touch if ya need any help, nice to see someone on here from NM.
Oh and by the way the stator they replaced came with a life time warrenty that includes labor.
Take care and be safe

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