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rustybob11 wrote:
I had whined before about reduced alternator output: 21 amps in February dropping to 15 amps in July and 95-100 temps. I ordered and installed the EC wiring harness, looking for an easy fix. Before connecting to the harness I checked stator wire to wire resistance at 0.6 ohms, the same as Feb. The stator wire to ground resistance shows 0.6 ohms (shorted from winding common connection, inside stator to ground) on all wires, compared to Feb's 20 Megohms (open). The stator wire to wire no load voltage is about the same at 60 VAC at 2500 rpm.

Being poor, Ineed a cheap fix. Is there a way I could burn off the short with a high current?
How long do you guess it would take a first timer to pull engne, install stator, replace engine? Who has wrenched on his own bikes for 20 years (which isn't a lot).
How much labor at $60/hour for a decent Wing specialist mechanic to uninstall the engine, replace the stator and re-install the engine, ? Do you see the failure repeating itself?

A Canadian guy on EBay is advertising new stators with 20% greater output for $200. I've seen rebuilts for $150. I haven't had the courage to see what big Red wants.

Thanks for sharing experience and sugggestions,
Bob, how are you measuring the amps output?

Are you measuring the ohms to ground with the 3 yellow wire connector unplugged? (it must be to get an accurate reading).

With 60 volts AC from wire to wire that sounds pretty darn good for a shorted stator.

Try letting the oil drain off the stator all night then re-measuring the resistance to ground. Remember to keep your sweaty fingers of the metal ohmmeter probes as that will lower the resistance.

It's really hard to measure the amps output as it will only supply enough to keep up with bike & battery's demand, the rest goes to ground in the regulator before you can measure it. (maybe add a couple of extra headlights across the battery then measure what is coming out of the regulator as it enters the red/white wire supplying the bike/battery).

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