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Proud the say Im still a child at heart. I like toys. When I was very young I saved money to buy a bike. It was an 16 years old German MZ 125. I have fond memories about that bike.
Then I came to America and never had time for toys till I moved to Fl. My first was a 50 cc Chinese scooter . I felt like I had a big Harley. I rode it everywhere.
Still running well. The problem was that it was practical for up to 10-12 miles one way. WE saw the need for a real motorcycle.. I found this almost new Suzuki S83
1400 cc in New Hampshire. Its a great bike for running around. One day I took my wife to St Augustine for a ride and in the way back our butts were hurting badly. The seat was almost a brick. I spent quite a few bucks to get a Mustang seat and that extended our travel range.But not by much.
I looked for the best there was out there to ride long distances day after day. I settled for ,my 2008 1800 GL. We rode most of the states (47) on many trips.We truly had the time of our life riding together great distances up to a month on the road. Our riding years are not behind us as other trips are on the planning.

For Christmas my wife got me an inexpensive drone. I really knew that Im going to like it and I told her that this is going to cost us a few bucks. 10 days later I had another drone way more sophisticated for just under $250.00. It made me look forward for a new drone adventure. I filmed birds,alligators,wild islands, rivers. etc
I couldn't wait for the batteries to recharge so I go in the wilderness again. Unfortunately that didn't last long as I lost that bird thru my negligence.
A few days later I ordered another one( same brand) from China for about $ 140.00 . Ive been waiting and waiting and waiting and that thing still didn't leave China.
During coffee every morning Im checking for shipment and it looks like I have to wait another 2 weeks or so for its arrival.
Enough is enough. Today with boss's approval I bought one of the best amateur drone there is. Autel Evo. This thing rivals DJI Mavic Pro and it is not controlled like DJI is where it can fly and where it cannot ( read about DJI map fencing) It has anti collision system for front and back with a lot of othe feature. The gimbal camera is very good :720p HD Video Recording, 4K HD Video Recording. It comes with 3 batteries which last almost 30min each. AND IS RED
The best part is that I will have it by mid next week.
I might be overdrone but I have to make up for those unhappy holidays as a child. Happy Flying!

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no way are you OverDrone!
we need to feed our inner child, or we get dumb and complacent.

glad you are young enough yet to enjoy a lot of long distance traveling.
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